About Us

Well, to tell you about us, we had no idea the kind of transition we would experience in 2009. We had been paint contractions for over 19yrs by trade. Work was slow and with three little ladies to feed, I had to look for new means. Being a spiritual family that meant praying and asking God for direction. You know, I expected an answer the next day but of course it didn't come and neither did the money to pay the bills.

We were invited to a friends house for dinner and our oldest daughter Trinity complimented her bracelet. It was made of none other than a spoon. Seeing how much Trinity admired it, my wife thought about using one of her grandmothers mismatched spoons and getting me to make her one as an heirloom. You know how it is with those 'honey do' lists.. It was put out in the garage on a shelf for later, much later, I had to figure how I was going to pay the next bill coming due.

I am a very over the top kind of person, so I decided that I needed God to know that I was willing to sacrifice and do whatever it took to hear from Him. With just my bible and some water I took off to my favorite place in the woods, on a mountain. I told God I wasn't leaving until I heard from Him. I prayed and read my bible for a few hours and he lead me to John 21:17 where Jesus is telling Peter to feed His sheep. I looked up and said, “God, really you want me to have a food ministry?? How is that going to take care of my family?? Every church now a days has a food bank for those in need!!” I am sure you could hear my tone with Him, I was desperate for answers and was in no way hearing what I thought I should be hearing. However, I know what I had heard and I knew it was enough..

I went home with this new word, took my shower and went to bed. Sleep was not my friend that night, I kept repeating what God has spoken to me “Feed my sheep”. I snuck out to the garage so I wouldn’t wake anyone and you’ll never guess what caught my eye.. Grannies spoon. Like most men, I have a substantial amount of tools in the garage that made it easy to make a bracelet from a simple spoon. Of course, it looked nothing like the one we had seen, but it was a spoon bracelet and it was made from Grannies spoon. My wife was amazed and cried, she does that a lot. Lol! My daughter seemed to love it and so did everyone she came in contract with. I was making spoon bracelets left and right just giving them away. Then someone insisted on paying me and one by one it started paying my bills. I was in consignment shops, craft shows, and grew from there to direct sales and trade shows. My wife started our FB page with inspirational posts with pictures of our jewelry. I was reminded of John 21:17. When The Lord said, “Feed my sheep James”. I stepped back to see what a beautiful ministry The Lord has incorporated in this jewelry. Its all about Him in every piece. Being used to create something so special and one of a kind,THAT is a priceless gift.